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    Below are a few things to consider before hiring any company to provide Cost Segregation services.

    1. Are the Cost Segregation studies fully engineered? Is the company you are hiring proving studies that include all elements of the project? Very important! Are they only breaking out the 5 and 15 Year property and leavening the 39 Year components as a lump sum? This essentially leaves you empty handed later when you are trying to claim items for disposition purposes for any renovations or improvements. Essentially, are you getting what you paid for?
    2. Are the Cost Segregation final engineering report items broken out specific to your project? Is the “Roofing” component for example listed just as a “Roof” on the engineering reports or are the engineering components specific to your property. As you can imagine a metal roof has a much higher cost than a flat or asphalt shingle roof system. A storefront window system has a much higher cost than a standard single hung window. This is again important for disposition purposes and basically how things should be done.
    2. Are site inspections being performed at all or are salespeople or unqualified individuals conducting site inspections? Are experienced engineers conducting site inspections and completing the engineering for the project that they completed the site inspection for? Very important! When an engineer visits a site for a project that he is completing the specific engineering he is the only one privy to the essential elements of that project. This provides for much greater detail and accuracy. Sending photos and notes back to the office for someone else to conduct engineering reports doesn’t provide the client with the correct detail or include all elements of the project as needed.

    Why are the above items so important to consider when hiring a Cost Segregation firm? ROI (return on investment). You want to make sure you are getting the detail specific to your project in a manner that provides you with the greatest long term benefit.

    We hope this sheds some light on what additional elements you should look for in a correctly completed Cost Segregation study. Please feel free to call or email ( us with any questions regarding our studies and how they are performed.
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